ClearCast Setup Guide

We’ve worked to make ClearCast as easy to use as possible. That said, you sometimes will have a guest who is a bit less tech savvy and needs some more guidance on getting set up on ClearCast.

To that end, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to getting setup with ClearCast that you can email your guests to help them get ready for your podcast interview.

Getting Setup with ClearCast

Ensure you received an email from “” with “ClearCast Appointment” in the subject line. (Check your spam folder if you don’t think you received it.) 

If your default web browser is Chrome or Firefox, click “Join Recording Room” button. (If you generally use Safari or another web browser, right click on the button, and select “Copy Link.” From there, copy the link into either Chrome or Firefox. ClearCast only works in Firefox or Chrome!)

Upon accessing the website, you should see a pop-up that says “Let’s Set Up Your Audio”:

From the dropdown, select whichever microphone you plan on using during the interview. It could be a USB microphone or the internal microphone in your computer.

Check your audio levels. Speak into the microphone a few times; you should see green bars appear, as shown below:

If no green bars show up and you’re using a USB microphone, first check to see if the microphone is switched to “ON.”

If it’s switched to “ON” but no green bars are  showing, let’s check your sound settings:

On a Mac:

Go to “System Preferences.”

Go to “Sound” settings. (Second row on the right side.)

Check that “Input” is set to the microphone you want to use during the interview.

Go back to your ClearCast recording room and refresh the page. Select which the mic you want to use from the pop-up box. 

If you do those things, and the audio bars still aren’t showing green:  try unplugging your microphone and testing again. If you then see the bars, the problem is with the microphone, and we’ll have to use your computer’s built-in mic. Just be sure to speak clearly, and stay fairly close to your computer.

On a PC:


Type in “sound” in your Windows search bar and select “Sound: Control Panel”



Click the “Recording” tab and make sure that your desired microphone is selected.

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